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TechRider Information is a software company founded in 1995 that provides business solutions designed specifically for small business. Our solutions include advanced Point-Of-Sale (POS) solutions for retail stores, restaurants and supermarkets as well as a Sales & Inventory Management System for wholesale. We also provide high quality professional services on customer-built software development and Information Technology (IT) consulting services. We always keep 'Ease of use' in mind when designing software.
With TechRider solutions, storeowners and managers will spend less time on the computer and more time running their companies.

TechRider Solutions


MBxPOS Solution is an economic budget POS system ideally designed for small business. It excellently supports many types of retail business operations for almost any merchandise.
The system is integrated with direct connect Debit/Credit card pinpad function and is also capable of integrating with a Surveillance System.


Logistics & Retail Technologies Solutions cover from inbound logistic support, warehouse management, inventory control, sales and packing to outbound logistic support. TechRider has built a 'Logistics Support Model' blue print and constructs the software solution accordingly.



Zetta Merits - Sales & Inventory Management Solution is an affordable integration management software with amazing features that automate small business operations no matter your business type is Wholesale or Retail business. It is designed to speed up your sale process and to help you manage your business more efficently. Other than the Sales and Inventory management features, this software solution also provides: printing product catalogs, customer accounts management, maintaining multiple price grades, shipping schedules, time cards, personal calendars.....and much more.



RestPOS - Restaurant/Take Out Solution is designed specifically for hospitality environments; it is an easy to use, flexible and reliable Point-of-Sale software. It helps to speed customer order entry and payment tender, reduce mistake in sending orders to the kitchen (as well as other multiple destinations), improve customer service and increase efficiency.



FastTouch Solution enhanced touch screen capability and barcode scanning for sales operations provide a fast checkout service. Not only that, it is capable of supporting a scale for weighted items. It is a perfect solution for Fast food, Take out, Gift store, Candy store or any retail business with different styles. The modern technology will improve the atmosphere of your business environment.



TechRider Enterprise Solution add-on is your ideal solution for multi-store expansion. The ability to share information among store locations (e.g. Central site like HQ or warehouse to satellite stores) is a major factor for competitive business.

The Enterprise Solution can be applied to all of our software products (MBxPOS, Zetta Merits, Restaurant and FastTouch).


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