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MBxPOS - Retail/Supermarket solution
(NEW) MBxPOS - Touch

MBxPOS Solution is an economic budget Point-of-Sale system ideally designed for small business. With an affordable price and with very powerful and complete functions, MBxPOS excellently supports many types of retail business operations, for almost any merchandise.

MBxPOS is very easy to setup and use. It can help you to automate your sales and inventory control quickly.
The solution provides barcode item check out, reorder reminding, direct pinpad connection for debit/credit card and DVR surveillance system integration...etc.

MBxPOS - Touch version enhanced "Touch Screen" capability along with the barcode scanning on the sales operations to provide a pleasant and fast check out service.

Support POS peripherals & equipments
Barcode scanner (360° scanner)
Cash drawer
Receipt printer
Programmable POS keyboard
ID card
Pole display
Report printer
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Super Easy
- Easy to setup (DIY)
- Easy to use
- Easy to be productive
- Easy to expand
- Easy to administrate
"You only need little computer skills!"  

Super Powerful
- Fit Retail Store and Supermarket
- Complete Package for Automating Sales and Inventory Management
- Implement Barcode to improve Inventory Control and provide Fast Item Checkout
          a. Bar Code Check Out
          b. Bar Code Inventory Counting
          c. Bar Code Order Loading
- Provide re-order reminding
- Improve business operation productivity and reduce operation cost
- Able to show item picture at check-out
- Sales and inventory management reports
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Advanced Technology
Integrate with Debit/Credit card pinpad

Integreated with Surveillance System*
* Particular brands of DVR systems are required.
Great Scalability
Expand to Multi-POS operation!
Optional Features
  1. Enterprise Solution
  Expand your business to multi-store operations. Our Enterprise solution automates the processes for you.    
More details:  

  2. Remote Data Terminal Solution
  Increase the employee productivity and efficiency in managing inventory by taking the remote data terminal (Pocket PC) to the aisle or loading dock to scan items quickly and accurately.    
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  3. Price Checker Solution
  This perfect space-saving device run application with price verification and barcode scanning throughout your retail environment. This interactive self-service kiosk empowers you to increase your sales opportunities while reducing your internal store operation costs.    
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MBxPOS System Requirements
  Operating System: Windows 2000 or XP
  1GB Hard disk space minimum
  512 MB of RAM (For multi-station environment, the Master PC suggest to use 1GB RAM)
  Network card
  Optional: Microsoft Office for producing more professional look reports.