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Zetta Merits - Sales and inventory management solution

Zetta Merits Solution is an affordable integration management solution with amazing features that automate small business operations such as Wholesale or Retail business. It is designed to speed up your sale process and to help you manage your business more efficiently.

Other than the Sales and Inventory management features, this solution also provides: printing product catalogs, customer accounts management, maintaining multiple price grades, shipping schedules, time cards, personal calendars...and much more.

Product Features
Major features

Print Employee Badge
Time Card
Sales Commission

Personal Calender
Petty Cash Expense
Phone Book
Electronic Bulletin

Sales & Inventory Management
Wholesale & Retail
Purchasing & Receiving
Sales Performance Analysis
Re-order Reminder

Product Managment
Barcode System
Print Pretty Product Catalog
Schedule Product On Sale

Customer Management
Multiple Price Grade
Gift Redemption
VIP Card Printing
Customer Point
We have prepared video presentation for each interesting component of the product. Please go there, relax and play the video. You will see the software you have been dreaming for your business.
To see the detail features:

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Laptop function - Make sales process quicker and faster
Sales people frequently travel to visit potential customers to make sales. With the laptop function, your sales can bring their laptop computer to the customer site to take customer order and add new customer information even they are away from the office.
When they return to the office, simply upload the newly created order information back to the master database and the data will be synchronized.
Optional Features
1. Enterprise Solution
Expand your business to multi-store operations. Our Enterprise solution automates the processes for you.    
More details:  

3. Remote Data Terminal Solution
Increase the employee productivity and efficiency in managing inventory by bringing the remote data terminal (Pocket PC) to the aisle or loading dock to scan items quickly and accurately.    
More details:  
Zetta Merits System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 2000 or XP (XP Professional is required for Shopping mall add-on)
1GB Hard disk space minimum
512 MB of RAM (For multi-station environment, the database PC suggest to use 1GB RAM)
Network card
Optional: Microsoft Office for producing more professional look reports or export some business data and documents to Excel.