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Software development and IT Consulting
TechRider is devoted the goal of being a true partner and solutions provider of small business companies. In addition to the ready solution packages, TechRider also provides custom-built software development services and Information Technology (IT) consulting services.
Our Objectives are to:
1. Develop solutions which are truly easy and thoughtful for small business
2. Maximize client's return on computer systems investment
3. Make your business joyful, efficient and very successful
The Methodologies, Technologies and Experiences:
Methodologies: Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming
Our company's consulting services start from Object Oriented related projects, including methodology, re-engineering and development. After we have transformed to a solution provider, we maximize the opportunity to take advantage of Object Oriented Methodology whenever the development projects allow us.
Empowered capabilities in connecting various technology devices:
Supermarket POS (Point-Of-Sale) system is one of our most successful solutions. We establish a solid skill and experience in connecting various types of device. We have integrated Interac pin pad to our system and have been certified by host service center in Canada to handle credit card and bank Interac payment.

The POS system is also capable connecting to different types of scales, scanners, display devices, ID card printers and magnetic card readers...etc. These valuable experiences enable us to integrate the solutions quickly and effectively.

Our Vehicle Tracking System involves the interface with GPD device, cell phone short message services protocol and map information system.
Palm/Pocket PC and Portable Data Terminal:
We are good at utilizing Palm/Pocket PC in data collection (e.g. warehouse automation), and wireless application (e.g. Restaurant Order taking using Pocket PC and printing order to kitchen).
Management Information System and Enterprise Solutions:
We have team leaders with great experience in planning and constructing Large Enterprise Information System. We have excellent combination of skill sets to build appropriate solution components adapting to and integrating different parts of the enterprise operations and management.
Linux and Windows:
We build end user applications on Windows platform and web applications on Linux and Windows platforms.
Java, C++, VB:
We build end user Windows applications using C++, VB, and dot NET. We build Web based application using Java, C++, XML and dot NET. We are good in constructing application from parts.
We use DB2, SQL, Microsoft Access and operating system disk files as application database.
Web Applications:
We have developed many web applications for stock analysis and financial modeling, which are currently supporting users in Taiwan as well as worldwide. Our vehicle tracking system is also a web based application. About 50% of the web applications are written in client/server model using http and XML protocol.