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Enterprise Solution

TechRider Enterprise solution add-on is your ideal solution for multi-store expansion. The ability to share information among store locations
(e.g. Central site like HQ or warehouse to satellite stores) is a major factor for competitive busines.

The Enterprise Solution can be applied to all of our software products (MBxPOS, Zetta Merits, Restaurant and FastTouch).

Major operations
1. PO to CO Electrically collected Purchase Orders from stores (satellite site) are transferred to HQ (Central site) database through Internet.
2. Product Replication Replicate Product Information from Central site to satellite site.
3. Remote Reporting Read store reports from HQ
4. Invoice to Receiving Electrically issued Invoices from HQ are transferred to store receiving records through Internet.
5. Vendor Replication Replicate Vendor Information from Central site to satellite site.
Example of Enterprise operation
Here is one of the feature of Enterprise solution PO to CO
PO to Co (Purchase Order to Customer Order)

1. The electronically collected Purchase Orders from stores are transferred to the HQ database through Internet.

2. HQ will consolidate the orders and pass to warehouse for inventory packing.

3. When the packing is ready, inventory is then delivered to stores.

Our Enterprise solution automates all these processes for you.