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RestPOS - Restaurant/Take out solution

RestPOS Solution is designed specifically for hospitality environments; it is an easy to use, flexible, reliable Point-Of-Sale software. It helps to speed customer order entry and payment tender, reduce mistake in sending orders to the kitchen (as well as other multiple destinations), improve customer service and increase efficiency. Managing a restaurant has never been easier.


Touch screen operations
Enter order entry, print soft check and process payment faster with the touch screen capability.

Wireless handheld ordering
Enter customer order remotely from a Pocket PC. Helps to eliminate the double order entry and waitresses are no longer need to write down what customers want on a scratch paper at the table. You can serve customers much faster and more efficient.

Design table layouts
Provide a graphical display of the restaurant table layout and arrange the table layout to fit your restaurant. Maximize the seat utilization by viewing the occupied/available table directly from the graphical table layout screen.

Take Out
RestPOS also takes care the take out business. If the same customer comes to order again, the system will automatically bring up his last order information. It will increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Pay bill
Other than the normal payment operations such as pay bill, print soft check and print receipt, RestPOS also supports payment like "Pay another table" & "Split check".

Reservation is another common daily restaurant operation. You can specify seat number, party name, party size, telephone number, reservation time and deposit.

Special Flavor
To handle customers with different taste preferences. Simply click on the "Special Flavor" button when entering the order to mark any special flavor (e.g. less salt, more pepper) request. The special flavor will mark in the order and send to the kitchen.

RestPOS allows you to train your new employees faster with less time and money spent. Once you have enabled the training mode feature, the POS operation will be exactly the same as real life operations except whatever you do will not be recorded.
Time Card
Build-in time card feature for you to manage the employee time and attendance. Employee sign-in and sign-out time are recorded and you can check their time log at any time.
Optional Features
Enterprise Solution
Expand your business to multi-store operations. Our Enterprise solution automates the processes for you.    
More details:  
RestPOS System Requirements
  Operating System: Windows 2000 or XP
  100MB Hard disk space minimum
  Network card
  Optional: Microsoft Office for producing more professional look reports.